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Modular Traffic Lights

We have way too many hoardings and en route distractions while driving, and I complete get what these designers mean by ‘crowded traffic lights’. Any visible space that comes in the line-of-vision of the driver is populated with clutter; hence the CEF Traffic Lights looks at remedying it. Modular enough to fit in various functions like a camera, the lights simplify the current option.

CEF Traffic Lights is an iF Design Awards – Concept Design Entry for 2014.

Designers: Han Like, Liu Peng, Ren Mingjun & Wei Chengjie

Rugged or Refined Lighting

Introducing, Spot On- a pocket lamp as strong as automobile headlights and almost as small as a smartphone… but also stylish enough to bring indoors as a modern home lighting accent. Ingeniously simple, yet highly effective, the design transforms the light beam from the flashlight into a cone-shaped lampshade and therefore a fitment with a stylish shape. It’s a breath of fresh air in the living rooms of style-conscious sportspeople!

Designer: Maximilian Schmid


Shady Illusion Lamp

Now you see it… now you don’t. This clever lamp is my latest obsession! Simply called LIGHT, it brings new meaning to “throwin’ shade.” Flip it on and light shines through a finely cut hole to create the illusion of a classic lamp shade shape against your wall. Minimal with a touch of humor, it’s attractive, interesting and a total conversation starter!

Designer: YOY


Speaker Creatures

There’s nothing like singing in the shower to get your day going, right?! Now, with these little waterproof shower buddies you can bring your tunes with you to make rocking out in the shower that much better! They suction onto any smooth surface and sync wirelessly with your mobile device via Bluetooth. Sealed buttons allow you to skip songs and change the volume, and a built-in mic even allows you to take calls while you’re getting clean! DO WANT!

Designer: OnHand


Funky Flexible Faucet

Add a touch of color and flexible fun to you kitchen space with the COOK tap! The classical sense of the kitchen spring faucet is reworked into a brightly colored, flexible, soft, silicon hose that can be twisted and turned 360° with ease. When finished using, just let go and it will automatically reposition thanks to its embedded magnets. For a fresh and modern look, it comes in five customizable color variants: sunflower gray, red chili, green sage, milky white and blue blueberry.

Designer: Sovrappensiero Design Studio


Water Bottle + Light = Bottlelight

Here is a simple formula that helps to reduce your luggage load while camping. The Bottlelight combines portable UV water purifier with a camping light. The bottle saves space and merges two essential must-haves. The carabineer on the top adds to the portability and dash of functionality.

How it works:

  • The top consists of two pressure casted aluminum parts with an inner sealing.
  • These become a watertight housing for the PCB, the battery and the UV and LED light unit.
  • A USB port can charge the battery for 10 hours of 30 Lumen while the 45° reflector at the bottom provides a plain and not reflecting light source.

Designer: Christoph Kuppert


Ahh, Dang The Traffic!

I’ve seen a clock similar to the Swing Baton telling the time, however I find the application to managing the traffic system quite fascinating. Predictably, the baton is used to guide the traffic and avoid congestion. What is perky about it is the creative way the colorful signals are displayed.

Designers: Chih Wei Lai & Chi Wang


alessandro busana adds cup to umbrella to contain water drips

italian designer alessandro busana of hole designstudio has given the umbrella an updated identity through the addition of a functional improvement. ‘cup’ confers a new aesthetic personality to the umbrella, by replacing the classic sting-like ending of the object with a colored rubber hemisphere. the flexible bowl avoids the creation of water stains on the floor and guarantees functional independence to the object, eliminating the need for an umbrella stand. busana explains, ‘the umbrella is a seemingly anonymous and ordinary object, but it has always fascinated me. its ability to evolve itself instantly, gaining volume and functionality led me to approach the project with the same simplicity and spontaneity. taking inspiration from the open shape of the umbrella, I thought of a container element reminiscent of its archetypical form, creating a functional plus integrated as much as possible with the object of origin. the result is the combination between a common object and an unexpected foreign element that carries out an elementary function evoking curiosity and surprise.’

the rubber detail gives a new aesthetic personality, and total functional independence to the everyday object

water drips flow in to the container, avoiding the creation of stains on the floor

studio natural brings lucio energy point into living spaces

italian company studio natural has created ‘lucio’, a light-powered energy point that recharges electronic devices. taking advantage ofsomething that exists in all living spaces, the element uses both sunlight and artificial light to turn it into power. the project is conceived as a piece of furniture that stores this energy from interior environments, transferring it to daily tools such as smartphones and tablets. ‘lucio’ serves as a flexible charging island that can be positioned far away from the wall and plugs.

daily tools like smartphone and tablets can be recharged 

the charging island uses light from indoor environments

the energy point can be positioned away from wall plugs

HEAD students design conversation pieces for apartment full of surprises

conversation pieces’ is an exploratory apartment constructed by students at ‘HEAD’, the geneva university of art and design. presented at milan design week, 2014, the installation of warped and surreal settings includes a cloud-like bedroom, customized furniture, video games and even interactive wallpaper. based on an idea by alexandra midal, the work is the result of a workshop co-directed by nitzan cohen and daniel zamarbide. comparable to scenes from a sci-fi movie, the absorbing environments examine how certain objects are able to generate a dialogue and modify interpersonal relationships between others.