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alessandro busana adds cup to umbrella to contain water drips

italian designer alessandro busana of hole designstudio has given the umbrella an updated identity through the addition of a functional improvement. ‘cup’ confers a new aesthetic personality to the umbrella, by replacing the classic sting-like ending of the object with a colored rubber hemisphere. the flexible bowl avoids the creation of water stains on the floor and guarantees functional independence to the object, eliminating the need for an umbrella stand. busana explains, ‘the umbrella is a seemingly anonymous and ordinary object, but it has always fascinated me. its ability to evolve itself instantly, gaining volume and functionality led me to approach the project with the same simplicity and spontaneity. taking inspiration from the open shape of the umbrella, I thought of a container element reminiscent of its archetypical form, creating a functional plus integrated as much as possible with the object of origin. the result is the combination between a common object and an unexpected foreign element that carries out an elementary function evoking curiosity and surprise.’

the rubber detail gives a new aesthetic personality, and total functional independence to the everyday object

water drips flow in to the container, avoiding the creation of stains on the floor

studio natural brings lucio energy point into living spaces

italian company studio natural has created ‘lucio’, a light-powered energy point that recharges electronic devices. taking advantage ofsomething that exists in all living spaces, the element uses both sunlight and artificial light to turn it into power. the project is conceived as a piece of furniture that stores this energy from interior environments, transferring it to daily tools such as smartphones and tablets. ‘lucio’ serves as a flexible charging island that can be positioned far away from the wall and plugs.

daily tools like smartphone and tablets can be recharged 

the charging island uses light from indoor environments

the energy point can be positioned away from wall plugs

HEAD students design conversation pieces for apartment full of surprises

conversation pieces’ is an exploratory apartment constructed by students at ‘HEAD’, the geneva university of art and design. presented at milan design week, 2014, the installation of warped and surreal settings includes a cloud-like bedroom, customized furniture, video games and even interactive wallpaper. based on an idea by alexandra midal, the work is the result of a workshop co-directed by nitzan cohen and daniel zamarbide. comparable to scenes from a sci-fi movie, the absorbing environments examine how certain objects are able to generate a dialogue and modify interpersonal relationships between others.

Apple, Eat Your Heart Out

The iPro was designed for professionals who need a lot of everything, be it memory, workspace or processing power! If a Mac Pro and iMac had a super-baby it would be the iPro. The best of both worlds with its retina cinema display and careful balance between performance and design. It’s an all-in-one enclosed solution that can still be upgraded or downgraded easily. WARNING: Only hit the jump if you NEVER want to look at your current Apple the same again.

Designer: Kurt Merki Jr.

Guided Commute For Visually Challenged

The ‘Station reported device’ is both a guide dog and Marvel’s ‘Dare Devil’ rolled into one wearable gadget. This concept is designed to assist visually challenged persons for a safe commute. It employs EVTSS technology to send electrical signals to a person’s brain to create 2 dimensional visuals of oncoming vehicles and possible obstacles. The multitalented device can also guide a person to the nearest bust stop, select a bus route, scan the buses with its inbuilt camera and alert the wearer when the right bus comes. It can also generate SOS signals by means of sounds and lights.

This project is a Dongguan Cup winner.

Designers: Liang Wenshan, Zhengmu Fang & Liu Junming


A Pen with Perception

This clever gadget’s function is almost unrecognizable… and that’s precisely its appeal. It’s a pen, but you won’t find any push-buttons or even hear a click! It features a touch sensitive surface that automatically triggers the nib to extend when you’re holding it. Set it down and it will retract to keep the nib fresh and out of harms way. Sleek and chic, it’s the finishing touch to any ultramodern office!

Designer: Wenhaowang

Hewlett-Packard Once Again!

It is so refreshing to find designers indulge in fantasy games that go beyond Apple and Microsoft. Not that we can do without another iPhone 6 (or was it 7) concept, it’s just the question of visualizing other another brand from the intellectual realm. Apparently Raymond RJ Wong, Lead Industrial Designer at Hewlett-Packard, asked a bunch of designers to come up with what they think about social communication, and this is what we got.

HP Link is a communication tool of tomorrow, which captures and releases an authentic communication. It augments the sensory possibilities of existing communication devices by directional or surround sound recording; touch pen, natural sound immersion with acoustic paper technology and intuitive inkjet printing.

A daily life tool that adapt to each one habits, thanks to its multiple communication possibilities.

Designers: Romain Guillame & Léo Marzolf

Fate is in your hands!

Energy efficiency is synonymous with eco-friendliness, living green, and saving the planet. Nuture is a living energy monitor that embodies this idea with a literal sense of life or death! The amount of water that the plant gets fed is entirely dependent on the cumulative energy use of the user- less when your energy use is too high, and just the right amount when it’s low. It’s a living representation of energy consumption and a symbolic reference to the consequences of overuse. Keep your plant alive and you’ll help keep the world alive!

Designer: Angelo D’Onofrio

Like a fish tank filter for humans…

With all that surface area, it makes perfect sense that our skyscrapers should be doing double duty! A response to environmental pollution in urban areas, the Hyper Filter Skyscraper  was designed to inhale carbon dioxide and other harmful gases in cities and exhale concentrated oxygen. The skin of the project is made out of long pipe filters that catch particles and store them for disposal or reuse later. 

Designer: Umarov Alexey

Computer That Is A Table

It has a surface that is akin to a touchscreen and the working of a computer, essentially the Flexus Transformable Table gives us a peek at what to expect from workstations of tomorrow. The ergonomic design transforms it from a stand-by station to a full fledge presentation board. The various stages of its adaptability give us a chance to use just one object in a host of scenarios.

Kudos to functionality!

Designer: Gu A Reum